The Strawberry Hill Collection Trust

The Strawberry Hill Collection Trust (SHCT) works closely with the Strawberry Hill Trust (SHT). The SHT is a Building Preservation Trust, has a lease of Strawberry Hill House and has used Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and other private and public funding to restore the exterior and interior of Walpole’s Villa to its 18th Century character.

Horace Walpole's famous collection and the content of Strawberry Hill House in the 18th century is well documented, but were dispersed by the “Great Sale” of 1842. However, the location of many of the objects is known and both SHCT and SHT are seeking to return to the house the objects sold in the “Great Sale” through donations, loans or acquisition.  

A registered charity the SHT is also an operating company with the attendant risks related to that. The SHCT owns many of the objects that are in the house.  By the SHCT having ownership and care of the heritage objects the future of these can be safeguarded if the SHT ceases to trade. The objects are loaned back to the SHT for display and conservation. There is an active programme to acquire further objects, or obtain loans of objects to be displayed in the house and in the museum room. Donations are welcome. Many objects have recently returned to the house.

An added spur is the 2018 Exhibition to celebrate the 300th anniversary of Horace's birth. It is hoped that for the exhibition to have many more of the objects on display in the locations these were in during Horace's life time.

Specific appeals are run to purchase objects along with applications to funders so that when objects become available they can be bid for.

The SHT and the SHCT regularly organise special exhibitions which will offer opportunities to display any objects not permanently on display. The SHCT also arranges the loan of objects owned by it to suitable organisations and individuals for public display.

The SHT is an accredited museum charity and is able to participate in the Government’s “in lieu” scheme. Under the scheme objects that were originally in the house or are typical of those in the house are given to the government by in lieu of tax liability provided they can be appropriately put on public display. The SHCT assists the SHT in this activity

The Board of the SHCT has trustees with wide ranging museum experience and specialist knowledge of the conservation, display, acquisition and loaning of historic objects. They advise SHT staff and volunteers on the display, care, and conservation of objects. The SHCT is thus able to ensure that the public will have access to the objects it owns and that they will be better able to understand their significance.

Contact details

If you are considering donating or loaning an object to the SHCT, a private individual who is considering selling an object that may be of interest or if you are a dealer and wish to contact the trust please email


The Strawberry Hill Collection Trust is a Company Limited by guarantee (Company Number 06851597). The Trusts main operating location is Strawberry Hill House, 268 Waldegrave Road, Twickenham TW1 4ST, Tel 020 8744 1241. Its registered office is 14 Elleray Road, Teddington, Middlesex, Tel 07950 218397.


Brian Allen 
Martin Drury
Mark Evans
Roger Hackett (Secretary)
Sarah Medlam
Catherine Porteous
Terry Smith (Treasurer)
Michael Snodin (Chairman)
Nino Strachey

Accounts and Annual Reports

These can be obtained from the Charity Commission or Companies House websites or from the Secretary at the registered office address or by emailing him at